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            Springtime brings many challenges for some of our pets. It’s a very common allergy season for some dogs and cats, as new grasses and pollens are everywhere.  And, of course, there are fleas. Soon the mosquitos will show up to join in. And, depending on where you live, there are always ticks, which carry some serious diseases that you need to be aware of.


So – what is your best defense against these invaders? There are many choices out there. For the safety of your pet, it’s best to stay with a highly-tested professional product that you can only get from a qualified veterinarian. It can be somewhat daunting to determine which preventative is going to be the best and safest for your pets. At Crossroads we are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy – and prevention is the key. We continuously review new products on the market so that we can bring you the safest and most effective solution to keep your pets happy.

            It is imperative that your pets be on heartworm and flea preventative year-round. Many people moving here from northern areas think it’s safe to stop heartworm AND flea prevention in the winter – that’s not true in the southern states. Your pet can be infected with heartworms by one bite of a mosquito…don’t be fooled into thinking pets are safe because of their coats…they have noses, and soft bare bellies, and ears that mosquitos can get to easily. And fleas know no boundaries…We have seen dogs and cats nearly totally hairless from flea allergy dermatitis. This is a serious condition, but it can be treated, but more importantly, prevented – but it requires diligence on your part.

            Many things can affect which preventative is right for your pets, so it’s important to stay abreast of what products are available, and speak with one of our Technicians or the Customer Service Coordinators (the wonderful ladies up in the front of the hospital) to find out just what is right for you. We can help you get just the right treatment for your pets.


            Unfortunately, our pets suffer from many of the same seasonal allergies as we do. They scratch; they sneeze; they can become lethargic, and they are miserable.  They need some help and relief. NEVER GIVE ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PRESCRIBED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR PET…Many people assume that scratching means fleas, but many times it is inhalant allergies (pollens, grasses, dust, etc.), and we can help you determine just what’s going on and give you a safe solution to help ease your pets’ discomfort.

            To learn more about this, please stay on our website, and go to the menu under ‘Pet Health’. Then select ‘Pet Health Articles’…on the right. Be sure to select your species (dog, cat, etc) and use the search box to type in your subject. When that opens, you can click on the blue bold title and it will open a more expanded explanation. Then call Crossroads at 770-591-5474, and speak to someone or make an appointment. This will help you and your pets have a much safer and pleasurable spring.

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